Kreo: Revolutionary 5D BIM Quantity Takeoff Software

Kreo revolutionises BIM quantity takeoff software

We need to first understand what BIM quantity takeoff software is in order to get value from it.

Many in the construction industry suggest that Building Information Modelling or BIM quantity takeoff software will render the traditional quantity takeoff obsolete.

Theoretically, as BIM models use libraries of three-dimensional objects with associated data, the architect or designer can determine takeoff quantities while designing the building.

However, the reality is a little different. Architects and designers often have insufficient time to pay attention to the detail and nuance of a project. They don’t typically deal with methods and materials, and they focus on creating a drawing which demonstrates their ‘design intent’ and little else. Architects and designers will specify ‘what’ but not necessarily ‘how’ - that part is down to those who build it.

They also lack the trade knowledge to identify site-specific requirements. For example, the need for a specific type of concrete, or a certain amount of excavation or formwork.

This creates issues with BIM models that actually affect their constructability. Cost estimators and other associated parties then have to manually review all of the issues.

There are also issues around how computers interpret the elements of a model. Computers ignore or misclassify elements unless you label them in exactly the right way. This leads to elements (and their associated data/materials) being missed off the quantity takeoff altogether. This pretty much undermines the value of an ‘automated’ quantity takeoff. Professionals end up spending more time on working out what data is missing, rather than getting it right in the first place.

This all holds BIM back from realising its full potential. According to our 2018 survey, only half of construction professionals use a BIM model to calculate bills of quantities. A quarter still use drawings alone, and it still takes 87% of them longer than a week to create bills of quantities. And for a third, it takes 3 weeks or longer.

Getting to grips with 5D BIM

Now we understand the problem: what's the solution? We believe the solution has been lying under our nose for many years: artificial intelligence. In almost every other industry, humans get machines to do jobs that involve multiple simultaneous basic mathematical calculations. Machines can do this more accurately and faster than humans. Machines don't get bored and are unable to make silly mistakes.

AEC professionals should be able to classify every element in a BIM model. They should understand the activities and materials each element will require. Quantity takeoff is one of many processes that a machine will get done far more efficiently than a human being. The human, on the other hand, is far more suited to matters requiring judgement or creativity. From a base estimate done by a machine, the human can apply knowledge, experience and new ideas. It will make planning more interesting and use people for their brains rather than their time.

Why use Kreo's 5D BIM quantity takeoff software?

Kreo Takeoff will finally unleash the potential of 4D and 5D BIM. Our software is transforming BIM quantity takeoff into a process that takes minutes rather than weeks. After you import your model into Kreo Plan, the software will automatically:

  • Review and highlight any issues with the model
  • Perform a full BIM element count, flagging any uncertain elements
  • Generate a detailed, accurate bill of quantities within minutes, complying with NRM standards

Quantity surveyors or cost estimators can then verify the quantities, as well as activity assignment, from an accurate starting point. Kreo also produces a 3D visualisation of BIM elements to allow professionals to audit quantities and measurements. Book a free demonstration with our Kreo Plan Team today to see how quickly you can create your 5D BIM, bills of quantities and cost estimates.

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