Construction takeoff software for Contractors

Kreo Software provides AI-powered cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating software for Mac and Windows to help quantity surveyors, estimators, contractors and architects save time and win more business.
Intelligent takeoff, instant estimating and automated reporting

Identify factors affecting costs, such as production time, material and labour

Read blueprints and technical documents in order to prepare estimates

Collaborate with engineers, architects, clients and contractors

Calculate, analyse and adjust estimates

Share your docs online with suppliers, clients and colleagues

Prepare material lists and quantity schedules


Cloud-based software



Takeoff report

Reporting tools

Create Iterate Repeat

Create. Iterate. Repeat

Quickly and accurately measure what you need (manual tools together with AI-powered automation)

Kreo Software is a brand new combination of the most accurate AI-charged tools and super powerful manual measurement tools. Decide on your own whether to rely on AI and review the results it provides or measure your drawings in a manual way. You can always combine.

Prepare material lists and quantity schedules

Kreo makes takeoff estimating easier than ever before. Manage all your projects in one place. Group your measurements by giving structure to the job and making it possible to reuse templates in later projects. Kreo takeoff software allows you to organize information in the way you prefer. This allows you to get rid of routine tasks and save much time and effort

Create any kind of report

Having full flexibility & powerful functionality in Kreo, you're able to generate reports of any structure and view your business requires

Cost Estimates
Cost Plans
Bill Of Quantities
Bill Of Materials
Post tender estimates
Proposals and Quotes
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Use industry standard structures or build your own

In our construction estimating software, you have full freedom to work in an Excel-like environment or in a grid table. Work with a huge amount of data at once, manage and modify it in the way you need. Use grouping and charts to visualize your data or pivot mode. Build a professional, interactive and smart report with your data in a matter of seconds

Why Kreo?

Cloud-based product

No installation required. Browser & stable internet connection is all you need

Work together

Share projects with colleagues & work on the same project simultaneously

Imperial & Metric systems

Flexible switching between them at any working stage

Upload files of any size

There’re no limits on the size of files uploaded to the product

Many file formats supported



Adjust colours, themes, measurement styles, spreadsheet and more

Audit tools

A set of advanced filtering and sorting tools with no delays and latency

Annotation Tools

Leave comments, notes and suggestions on the work performed