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Meet George from K2 Consultancy

K2 Consultancy uses data and digital innovatively to transform construction projects to improve efficiency and ensure that lessons learned are carried over into their projects. K2 beats the market through high-performing teams offering unequalled technical expertise, business acumen, and emotional intelligence. The company delivers projects with efficiency, imagination, and assurance, creating sustainable, flexible spaces to meet the evolving needs of future generations. 

Industry: Construction

Location: London, United Kingdom

Number of employees: 50

George Pleasance
Associate Director

Karolina Kreo

Hi George🖐️

Could you describe your company? What it does and which services offer?

At K2 we help clients beat the market regardless whether that be from a capital cost, operational cost, sustainability, programme perspective, we help clients beat the market. We do this by offering solutions, an example of that is asset optimization which we have delivered for a variety of project stages such as projects achieving planning but realising that viability doesn’t stack up; tender returns causing commercial concerns; tight budget constraints from the start to name a few examples. We operate a Cost Led Design approach that works hand in hand with asset optimization and is service agnostic and works across all sectors and service lines which we offer of Commercial Management, Project Management and Commercial Management.

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Karolina Kreo

Why have you chosen Kreo Software? What are the specific tasks that you perform within the software?

I personally was a very early adopter of Kreo Software and was involved before it’s launch so I have a real fondness of how the software operates, the speed and accuracy in which it completes tasks and the friendly user interface of the software. I also chose Kreo due to the team that sits behind the software. Their ability to continue to improve, continue to accelerate features and functions and their genuine understanding of how AI can be used in the world of measurement and estimating is to be applauded. The level of AI that exists within the software also allows us at K2 to easily create parametric cost models that feed off of early design intent information and can accurately assess early level design information for multiple sites and clients with greater efficiency and accuracy. Through our DfMA advocacy we are also able to visually represent efficiencies, standardisation and good practice design principles of DfMA effectively and clearly through the take off and comparison overlays that we can imprint over a design.

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Karolina Kreo

How did you perform this work before switching to Kreo? Which difficulties you solved with Kreo? 

I used to be a CostX “Super User” and was part of a previous companies training programme across the UK to roll out this new way of working for them. I always found the takeoff side of CostX intuitive but lacking in speed and foresight. I also found it difficult whenever a new report format was needed and the rigidity of the software was the main thing that led me to try alternative softwares. Kreo managed to bring the flexibility whilst still being templated back into my way of measuring and estimating. The Auto Measure functionality also gave me the speed and intuition I needed from the software.

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Karolina Kreo

How using Kreo Software affected your business?

It has been able to free up our time from measurement to offer our bespoke cost led design approach. The measurement and estimating of a project would typically 80:20 in favour of the estimating but that has now flipped. The measurement and estimating is now 20% of the time and this allows us at K2 to challenge the scheme in more detail and really understand the value drivers for the client and not simply rush to answer and then produce value destroying VE which just harms the product.

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Karolina Kreo

Would you recommend Kreo to a colleague? If yes, what reasons would you give for your recommendation?  

Yes I would and I have. When I arrived at K2 they were using CauseWay and we are all now converted to Kreo. I would recommend it for its speed, accuracy, price and Auto Measure capabilities. I would also rival it against 3D takeoff products on the market and it has an impressive ability to take a variety of model formats and allow the user to cut and carve a project in a way I’ve not seen in other softwares.

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Karolina Kreo

Any additional feedback about the product? 

I constantly look forward to the next feature or function that comes and how the next inclusion to the software will benefit me even more than it already currently does.

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