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Meet Joseph Kay from One QS

One QS provides a range of services to support commercial and business operations. With expertise in financial analysis, contract management, procurement strategies, and lead creation, One QS helps clients optimize their commercial processes and improve profitability. The company's services include Quantity Surveying, Estimating, Business Development, and an all-in service which is referred to as the 'Commercial Package'

Industry: Construction

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Number of employees: 3

Joseph Kay

Karolina Kreo

Hi Joseph 🖐️

Could you describe your company? What it does and which services offer?

At One QS, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of estimating and quantity surveying services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry. Whether you're involved in any trade within the construction sector, our team is equipped to provide expert assistance. From accurate cost estimations to meticulous quantity assessments, we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions that ensure your projects are cost-effective and well-managed.

Karolina Kreo

Why have you chosen Kreo Software? What are the specific tasks that you perform within the software?

At our company, we rely on the cutting-edge Kreo Software for all our measurement needs, covering a wide range of trades. The standout feature of Kreo, the auto-measure function, has completely revolutionized the way we work. Its exceptional capabilities have truly been a game changer, streamlining our measuring processes and enhancing overall efficiency. One of the greatest advantages of Kreo being an online application is the seamless and automatic updates it provides. Gone are the days of manual software updates; with Kreo, you can stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements effortlessly.

Karolina Kreo

How did you perform this work before switching to Kreo? Which difficulties you solved with Kreo? 

Thanks to Kreo, the days of laboriously measuring internal floor plans, perimeters, and openings manually are long gone. With Kreo's advanced capabilities, these tasks are now completed in nearly half the time, significantly boosting our efficiency and productivity. As a result, when it comes to pricing works and preparing quotations, we can confidently offer more competitive rates. Kreo has undeniably become an invaluable asset, enabling us to deliver top-notch service to our clients while staying ahead in the market.

Karolina Kreo

How using Kreo Software affected your business?

Thanks to Kreo, we can handle new clients without increasing our workforce. Its efficiency allows us to expand without compromising on quality.

Karolina Kreo

Would you recommend Kreo to a colleague? If yes, what reasons would you give for your recommendation?

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone in need of taking off measures and managing pricing data to choose Kreo without a doubt. I have personally experienced zero issues with the software and cannot praise their team enough for their exceptional support.

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