Meet Ewald from Steenkamp Quantity Surveyors

Steenkamp Quantity Surveyors is a registered Quantity Surveying practice located in Windhoek, Namibia. The company offers a full scope of Quantity Surveying services and more. At SQS the team does their best to deliver projects as per the client’s requirements. 

Industry: Construction
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Number of employees: 5

Hi Ewald 🖐️
Could you describe your company? What it does and which services offer?

Hi Karolina. Steenkamp QS is a registered professional quantity surveyors firm. We provide full quantity surveying services on construction projects, project management and dispute resolution services. We can assist clients with turn-key solutions.


Why have you chosen Kreo Software?

We were searching for a good electronic take off software. We did many online searches and tested a few options. We are a small firm, thus the price was important to us as well. I was really impressed with the functionality of Kreo, while the product's pricing is quite affordable.


How did you perform your work before switching to Kreo? Which difficulties did you solve with Kreo?

We used standalone software, which was not quite convenient. Kreo is a cloud-based program, meaning you can access your work from anywhere where there is the internet. Kreo is much more attractive and more powerful than our previous softwares.


How using Kreo Software affected your business?

Kreo made our take off process much more efficient, quick and accurate. Our staff really enjoy using Kreo.


Would you recommend Kreo to a colleague? If yes, what reasons would you give for your recommendation?

Yes I would. After doing intensive research on other software I have found that Kreo is very affordable. With the product's affordability come powerful features. The team at Kreo is leading in innovation and they are constantly improving the software.


Any additional feedback?

To summarize, Kreo is a great product for quantity takeoff purposes. I'm really satisfied with it!

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