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End-to-end pre-construction building design
and planning software with AI

Generate BIM designs in minutes, automate value engineering for cost and schedule estimation
and manage the entire project bidding process in one place

BIM for everyone

Kreo aims to transform the entire pre-construction planning process for everyone involved. That includes everyone in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), from developers through to specialist subcontractors. Scroll down to get more detail on how the main groups who use Kreo plan their projects.

Kreo solutions

How Kreo Helps
Clients, Developers & Architects

  • Perform full pre-construction analysis within days, not months

  • Refine and optimise cost budget and project schedule

  • Instant pre-tender estimates and full integration with internal and 3rd party cost databases

  • Streamline bid management process

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Kreo solutions

How Kreo Helps
General & Specialist Contractors

  • Reduce bidding costs

  • Improve bid quality and accuracy

  • Identify risks

  • Streamline bid management process

  • Deliver construction ready BIM models

  • Use BIM models to facilitate communication and collaboration

  • Identify value-engineering opportunities

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Kreo solutions

How Kreo Helps
BIM Design and Engineering Teams

  • Use BIM model as the communication and collaboration medium

  • Ensure BIM model quality

  • Deliver construction-ready BIM models

  • Design-to-cost solution

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