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Deliver construction projects faster without compromising quality

While BIM technology has tremendous potential to transform the engineering and construction industry, it has failed to deliver on its promise of improving productivity and reducing the risks associated with the construction projects. The design and engineering lead times remain far too long and costs too high. The AEC industry continues to rely on 2D drawings for feasibility studies, cost and development appraisals, pre-tender estimates and contracts. Project owners, in their desperate effort to cut the long cycle of design-cost iterations, impose aggressive time limits on feasibility studies, design phases and tenders. The result is an uneasy compromise between speed and quality of decisions. This compromise results in a series of shortcuts and optimistic assumptions pushing significant risks and uncertainties all the way to the construction phase. We at Kreo believe that the software industry can do a much better job of helping the AEC industry to overcome the challenge of doing things faster without compromising quality. Kreo Design product suite helps project owners, design teams and cost consultants to design and optimize residential and commercial building projects, evaluate their feasibility and estimate their cost in a few hours. Kreo Takeoff and Kreo Plan help estimators, quantity surveyors and planners to unlock the value of BIM by delivering the information they need quickly and easily (quantity takeoffs, BoQs, cost estimates, Gantt charts and 4D construction sequence). In order to achieve the performance we deliver we use the latest technology advances in machine learning, computational and generative design and cloud computing to automate menial tasks and make our products accessible, fast and easy to use. Please visit our product pages to learn more


  • What is Kreo?

    Kreo is a suite of software solutions developed by a team of passionate software engineers, mathematicians, architects, structural engineers and construction professionals. It's mission is to help AEC professionals involved in early stages of construction projects from feaibility to tender stage to be more productive, respond faster to clients' ever changing requirements and circumstances and improve the quality of decisions.

  • How does Kreo use AI?

    Kreo uses AI in a few ways:

    • Kreo Design uses AI and generative design of residential and office buildings. It optimises massing and floor plans for the constraints given by the user and building regulations. It offers multiple design and cost variants for the user to compare and choose from.
    • Kreo Takeoff’s AI classifies BIM model elements, automates mesurements and data mapping to produce quickly accurate takeoffs for bills of quantities and cost plans.
    • Kreo Plan’s AI classifies BIM model elements, automates quantity takeoff, mapping relevant rates and constants from the database to bills of quantities and cost plans and construction sequence (4D BIM). It generates multiple cost plans and schedule options making optioneering easy and fast.
  • How does Kreo differ from other BIM software?

    Kreo uses AI to automate and simplify pre-construction process from the feasibility studies to tenders.

    Kreo is cloud-based and designed for collaborative team work both in and out of office.

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