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Intelligent planning software to transform pre-construction

Generate building information modelling (BIM) designs in minutes. Automate value engineering for cost and schedule estimation. Manage the entire project bidding process. All in one Common Data Environment.

BIM for everyone

Kreo aims to transform the entire pre-construction process. With the power of artificial intelligence and automation, Kreo makes BIM accessible from the outset - before a project has even got to planning permission. Scroll down to learn how the main groups who use Kreo plan their projects.

Kreo solutions

How Kreo Helps
QS & Cost Consultants

  • Perform full pre-construction analysis within days, not months

  • Refine and optimise cost budget with accurate data from the start

  • Instant quantity takeoff and high-level cost estimation

  • Visualise strategic brief as BIM and see how costs impact projects

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Kreo solutions

How Kreo Helps
Main Contractors

  • Reduce bidding costs and win more work

  • Identify risks sooner and choose projects to bid on more carefully

  • Simultaneously calculate cost and schedule estimation

  • Use BIM models to facilitate communication and collaboration

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  • What is Kreo?

    Kreo is cloud-based pre-construction planning software centred on Building Information Modelling (BIM). It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up most aspects of pre-construction planning and design – right from the feasibility stage. It is designed for ease of use and to facilitate collaboration.

  • How does Kreo use AI?

    Kreo uses AI in a few ways:

    • Kreo Design’s AI does generative design of residential and office buildings. It optimises massing and floor plans for maximum area within the constraints given by the user and building regulations. It offers multiple variations for the user to choose from.
    • Kreo Takeoff’s AI classifies BIM model elements.
    • Kreo Plan’s AI classifies BIM model elements, assigns activities to the model and creates a build sequence (4D BIM). It generates at least five cost options to choose from for the build, ranging from fastest to cheapest (5D BIM).
  • How does Kreo differ from other BIM software?

    Kreo is a Revit plugin, as well as a standalone tool. This means you can choose to create your BIM model in Revit and import into Kreo, or create your model in Kreo and export to Revit.

    Kreo is used for feasibility studies, in the case of Kreo Design, or BIM project management, in the case of Kreo Plan. It uniquely serves everyone involved in pre-construction planning.

    Kreo is cloud-based and is a one-stop shop for cost and schedule estimation. It is customer-centric software, designed with and for its customers, to make BIM as simple as possible.

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