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Use machine learning to help you reduce the burden of manual counting and measuring. Auto Measure helps you to measure and identify areas on a floor plan and count individual elements such as doors and windows without drawing a single line or clicking. 

If your job relies heavily on item counts use Auto Count that helps you find elements with similar geometry or textual description.

If you want to drastically lower the number of clicks to measure areas or linear length use AI Suggest that predicts what you would like to measure based on one or two clicks.


Turn measurements to bills of materials, cost estimates, quotes, proposals and more

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Set up your templates once, create a database of materials, components, prices,  measurement rules, cost build-ups and breakdown structures and turn your measurements to whatever outputs you need with a few clicks. Our flexible tools (properties, items, assemblies, templates) allow you tailor Kreo to your in-house workflow rather than forcing you to adjust your process to a software program requirements.


Work together

If you are working on a large project you often have to split the work along trades, locations, materials or some other logic. Kreo, being a cloud software, is ideal for teams that would like to work in real time on the same project simultaneously without interfering with each other.  Use our document and project management tools to create work streams, track changes, leave notes and comments and more

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