We are Kreo

We bring construction productivity into the 21st century through sophisticated automation

What is Kreo?

Kreo was created with the aim of helping construction industry professionals take full advantage of BIM. Our mission is to deliver construction projects faster without compromising quality.

Kreo is split into two main platforms, Kreo Takeoff and Kreo Modular.

Kreo Takeoff is our AI-powered BIM quantity takeoff software for precise, fast and accurate cost estimates.

Kreo Modular is a web-based software service being used in feasibility studies, for those building using the 3D volumetric construction method.


Who works at Kreo?

In Minsk, we are a team of mathematicians, engineers, architects and software developers who are not afraid to realise the impossible.

In London we are a team of business professionals with a passion for helping customers think differently about pre-construction planning.

Kreo Awards and Recognitions

Shadow Ventures Pitchathon Winners
Good Firms Top BIM Software

Kreo Partners


Kreo Nominations

Techfest 2019 Finalist
Building Innovation Awards Finalists
Tech Start Ups Innovation World Cup Series Finalists 2019