Collaborative Takeoff and Estimating Software with AI

AI-powered construction software offers cloud-based takeoff and estimating, flexible reporting, and an intuitive interface, streamlining processes and improving accuracy and collaboration

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Ensures continuous and fast data processing, even when working with large-scale projects


Supports effective collaboration and real-time data sharing among project participants


Guarantees a high level of security and data confidentiality through modern encryption methods

Cloud based

Supports operation on various operating systems, including Windows, Apple, and Linux


Bring AI to your workflow

Machine learning is utilized to lessen the manual effort required in counting and measuring tasks

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Auto Measure drawing
Create measurements with AI in one-click
Identifying identical objects in drawings with AI

Create powerful and flexible reports

This solution streamlines data management, supports better decision-making, and improves overall project management effectiveness, catering to the evolving needs of your business

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Elevating collaboration to a new level

With Kreo, collaboration in projects reaches new heights. Our platform offers unique opportunities for teamwork, making the process of planning and executing projects more efficient and intuitively understandable. Invite colleagues to projects, work together in real-time, exchange ideas and opinions directly during the work

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Synchronized Teamwork

Facilitate team collaboration for concurrent work and active involvement


Facilitate discussions, comments, and colleague tagging for idea exchange

Instant notifications

Ensure prompt alerts on tags and project changes

Request control

Efficiently handle remarks and requests, marking them resolved post-settlement

Create. Iterate. Repeat

Turn measurements to cost estimates, bills of quantities,
cost plans and more

Set up your templates once and develop an extensive database of materials, components, prices, and measurement rules. This allows you to transform measurements into cost estimates and other financial documents with just a few clicks

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Cost estimation automation

Create one-time templates for efficient materials and components database management

Customizable workflow integration

Customize tools such as properties,items and assemblies to enhance efficiency and productivity

How it works

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Upload PDF or CAD files, set the scale, and start measuring


Measure drawings manually or use AI to speed up quantity acquisition


Receive your result in any format that suits you



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