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Kreo: Cloud Software for taking off quantities from PDF drawings and BIM models

Design, estimate and plan construction projects faster and smarter

AI-assisted construction software solutions that help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce uncertainty from design brief and feasibility studies to tender stage

Kreo's Solutions


Kreo 2D Takeoff is the next generation cloud construction takeoff software for quantity surveyors and estimators who are not happy with the status quo.


Kreo Modular is a modular construction software for real estate developers, contractors and manufacturers seeking to implement MMC and DfMA in the earliest stages of project lifecycle

What problems does Kreo solve



Competitive bidding pressure and rapidly changing market environment require much faster decisions on project feasibilities, construction cost estimates and bid pricing. Clients, contractors and consultants are struggling to meet this challenge due to outdated work practices and technology solutions.


Cost of winning new business

Real estate appraisals, procurement and bidding for new work are very costly. Large numbers of abandoned projects and lost bids result in substantial write offs that directly impact already low profit margins.



Finding optimal design-cost tradeoff, value engineering and accurately estimating tender prices require multiple iterations and changes. The existing work practices and technology solutions severely limit the number and variety of options that could be assessed within the time afforded to clients, contractors and consultants.


Team Collaboration

To solve the above challenges the real estate and construction industry needs to embrace collaborative approach. Sequential approach to design and procurement and highly protected expert silos with restricted access to relevant information needs to be replaced with a more efficient information flow and access to data.

Kreo's Mission

Deliver construction projects faster without compromising quality

While BIM technology has tremendous potential to transform the engineering and construction industry, it has failed to deliver on its promise of improving productivity and reducing the risks associated with the construction projects.

The design and engineering lead times remain far too long and costs too high.The AEC industry continues to rely on 2D drawings for feasibility studies, cost and development appraisals, pre-tender estimates and contracts. Project owners, in their desperate effort to cut the long cycle of design-cost iterations, impose aggressive time limits on feasibility studies, design phases and tenders.

The result is an uneasy compromise between speed and quality of decisions. This compromise results in a series of shortcuts and optimistic assumptions pushing significant risks and uncertainties all the way to the construction phase.

 We at Kreo believe that the software industry can do a much better job of helping the AEC industry to overcome the challenge of doing things faster without compromising quality.


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