8 Key Kreo Features for Enhanced PDF Measurement: Exploring Value

8 Key Kreo Features for Enhanced PDF Measurement: Exploring Value

August 12, 2022
8 Key Kreo Features for Enhanced PDF Measurement: Exploring Value

Measure PDF and CAD drawings with Kreo — a powerful measuring tool

If you are looking for an accurate measuring online tool, Kreo is the software for you. Kreo is a pdf takeoff software that helps users measure any dimension on a PDF file. It's an incredibly easy-to-use tool that gives you a variety of ways to measure your drawings. The best thing about this software is that it's affordable and available in the cloud.

This blog describes the top 8 Kreo features for working with measurements which will make you try the software and stay with us.

Offset for measurements

Kreo's interactive Offset tool is a really smart feature, that creates a measurement from polygons and polylines by extrusion along the contour of the measurement

Merge and subtract measurements

Must-try features. Unite several selected polygons into a single measurement in a simple way. Subtract any polygon from the base polygon you are selecting. Decide whether to keep initial measures or remove them from your drawing

Copy and paste measurements with a point

An extremely useful tool, that helps you while working with a huge amount of similar measures. Now there’s no need to manually create them all from scratch! Use the paste with a point tool if you copy or cut measurements and need to paste them onto another page or to any other position on the same page

Modify tool for measurements

Modify tool is your loyal helping hand for modifying measurements previously created on a drawing, changing measures copied and pasted to a new drawing or adjusting the Auto Measure results in the way you need

Knife for measurements

A simple but really powerful feature that can save a lot of your time. Use it when you need to cut a polygon or a polyline into several parts

Rotate measurements

The feature that saves you from creating similar measures over and over again. With this tool, you can easily rotate any measurement created on a drawing to the degree you need

Snapping tool

Try the feature once and you won’t be able to work in Kreo without it anymore. While using measurement tools, Snapping helps you to tie the point to an angle, a line or any other item in a drawing. Use this setting for a more precise selection of points when working with the tools in our solution

Flip measurements

Explore 2 more helpful commands for measurements which can advance your workflow even further. The Flip tool is useful for cases when dealing with mirror items or whole buildings. Use it to flip your measurements to the up/down or to the right/left

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