Summer release of cool features and a little bit about the future

Release notes 5.3

Hi there! August is the last month of summer, but this is not the last summer release in Kreo. Let’s see what are the recent news of Kreo Software:

  1. Move and resize drawings in Comparing mode

  2. Get count based on text search

  3. Improved export for polygons with voids

  4. Improvements:

    1. Statuses for page loading

    2. Group's and geometry highlighting

    3. New way of moving measurements to a group

    4. Information windows

    5. Show only groups

  5. A small spoiler about the next Kreo features with Artificial Intelligence 🙂

Move and resize drawings in Comparing mode

Compare pages feature gets a huge update: now you can compare drawings with displaced plans or different sizes. Simply choose 2 equal points on each drawing and Kreo perfectly aligns them automatically.

Another update here is an option to hide the second drawing in Comparing mode to quickly see the original page.

Get count based on text search

Simple but powerful tool allows to get a count takeoff based on your search result. You can get count for multiple pages simultaneously.

Improved export for polygons with voids

Polygons with voids have the same voids on the exported PDF file now.
Before this update, voids were not transparent, but were marked with a lighter color. 

Major improvements

 Statuses for page loading

A cool enhancement that definitely improves a user experience in Kreo. Now you're able to see the page loading status so that you always know what is going on.

 Group and geometry highlighting

From now on, Kreo highlights groups for selected measurements in the Measurements panel. At the same time, selected measurements are highlighted on the drawing with purple colour.

 New way of moving measurements to a group

Instead of Drag and Drop for moving measurements to another group, you can use the Move to option, that shows you the full breakdown. This is a really convenient way for moving data, especially in cases with huge breakdown.

 Information window

This update includes the appearance of 2 information windows:

  1. The first one you can see while hovering over any measurement.

  2. The second one you can see after selecting one measurement or a few. Here you can easily change name, colour, group, etc. for all selected measurements at once.

 Show only groups

This is an experimental feature that allows you to hide all measurements from the Measurements panel if you want to manage your takeoffs using groups only.

In this way, you'll see only your group breakdown with totals for each parent group (a group in which measurements themselves are located).

Finally, we’ve made 55 other small improvements and did bug fixing.

What's next?

For over half a year, our team has been diligently working on bringing to life new and enhanced innovative features with Artificial Intelligence. As a result of this intensive development process, we are proud to announce that soon you will be able to witness revolutionary features in action, aimed at creating measurements.

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