Spring Renewal with New AI Tools, Features, and Improvements

Spring Renewal with New AI Tools, Features, and Improvements

May 2, 2024
Product updates
Spring Renewal with New AI Tools, Features, and Improvements

Today's release is a significant event based on feedback from our users. We have made key improvements to the functionality of our app, which we believe will pleasantly surprise you. Additionally, we have developed two important AI features that we will offer for early beta testing to our current users.

Report in a new window

This feature has been the most requested by our users, especially those who work with dual monitors. Now, for convenience, moving a report to a new window requires just one click.

Pivot Mode for Managing Measurements

To simplify handling a large number of measurements with identical properties, you can now switch to Pivot mode. This significantly reduces the list of measurements.

Creation with Identical Properties

Now, you can create new measurements while retaining the same properties such as type, name, style, and other geometric parameters. This ensures consistency and precision in your measurements.

Copy Properties

This feature allows you to easily copy the properties from one measurement when creating another. Simply select the measurement whose properties you wish to copy and apply them to the new one.

Share with the Company

This simple yet extremely convenient feature allows you to share the project with your entire team, facilitating easy access and collaborative work

New version of Bucket Fill

The new version of the 'Bucket Fill' tool is perfect for creating measurements on drawings to calculate quantities. Now, you have the option to choose the mode: create large areas (for example, an entire floor) or smaller ones (such as individual rooms), with the default mode set to Auto. We've also improved the visualization of the measurement formation process, making the tool even more user-friendly.

Search Improvements

Using Regular Expressions

Now, our search interface includes the functionality of regular expressions (regex), which greatly enhances the ability to formulate queries. For assistance in composing complex queries, you can use the Ask AI feature in our app.

Selecting Text for Search

We've updated the search interface to allow for automatic searching of selected words directly on the drawing.

Completing Measurements with a Double Click

Now, you can complete a measurement simply by double-clicking — this feature is both convenient and efficient. Special thanks to Kyle for this idea — hope you're seeing this message!

A little bit about AI

We are excited to announce new advancements in artificial intelligence and the development of automated measurements. Your participation in beta-testing these innovations and your feedback will help us achieve significant improvements.

Auto Measure 2.0

This latest multimodal AI model enables automatic generation of measurements from text queries. It is adaptable to various parameters and categories, making it a universal tool for any measurement-related tasks.

Find Similar Areas with AI

This powerful tool allows you to find and create measurements for similar areas, taking into account the category and visual characteristics.

We believe these tools will be a valuable addition to your current resources and enhance your ability to analyze and process data. Join the beta-testing to be the first to evaluate the new capabilities. We value your opinion and are ready to make improvements based on your feedback

We'll also announce 4 more new features this month. Stay in touch!

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