Interface Revamp & Auto Count 2.0

Interface Revamp & Auto Count 2.0

January 11, 2024
Product updates
Interface Revamp & Auto Count 2.0

Today, we are proud to present a new release with an updated interface, the development of which we began last year. Our interface has now become more convenient and compact due to its restructuring.

New interface with restructuring

All functional buttons and main tools are now gathered in the right panel, where settings and other important elements are also conveniently placed, adapting to the parameters selected by the user.

This updated version is a significant step forward in improving interaction with our features. We have also completely revamped the interface related to 'items' and 'assemblies' to provide a more efficient and intuitive user experience. We continue to work on changes to provide our users with an even more perfect and convenient interface.

New interface for assemblies and items

New version Auto Count

Auto Count has been one of the most popular tools in Kreo, providing a user-friendly and efficient way to count similar parts in drawings. We're thrilled to introduce Auto Count 2.0, a significant upgrade that expands the tool's capabilities and versatility.

We are introducing this version as a separate tool so that you can compare its two versions. The beta testing will end in about two weeks, after which the tool will be available in the Pro plan.

This enhanced version introduces several new features:

This is not the end of what we were working on last year. If you take a look at our roadmap, you will see what we have planned for the coming weeks.

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