Innovative AI Suggest tool: Join free Beta

Innovative AI Suggest tool: Join free Beta

April 13, 2022
Quantity Surveying
Innovative AI Suggest tool: Join free Beta

Tired of constantly measuring drawings manually? Want to accelerate and speed up your workflow?
Kreo 2D Takeoff's ML team developed an innovative brand tool, using which you only need to click on the starting point and it automatically suggests possible measurements for a particular drawing. Press "Enter" and get your measurement saved! Everything is so simple - get your measurements ready in 1 click 😱

What is AI Suggest tool?

AI Suggest is a unique AI-charged feature developed by the Kreo ML team, which allows you to measure your drawings 10 times faster. Simply activate the tool, start measuring your drawing & you'll get automatic measurement suggestions of our system for each measurement you're performing. Confirm the measurement & it'll be automatically created by the system.

How does the tool work?

  1. Join free Beta testing
  2. Open the drawing settings and switch on the AI Suggest tool there
  3. Select the polygon or polyline tool and select the relevant starting point for your future measurement
  4. Now you see a measurement suggested by the system. If you're happy with it, press ↵ Enter your measurement
    will be automatically created. If you're not happy with the proposed version, select one or several additional points, check suggested options and press ↵ Enter

📝 Note!
In the Beta version, the tool is pretty good at identifying polygon measures, while it works intermittently for polyline measurements.

How can I try it?

The AI Suggest feature is now available for free beta testing.

Beta Testing rules:

  1. The Beta is free for all users of Kreo 2D Takeoff with a valid active or trial subscription
  2. You receive access to the feature for 7 days
  3. The mandatory condition we ask in return is to fill out a quick feedback form when the Beta finishes, as your feedback means the world to us.

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