How to find the best Blueprint Takeoff Software

Blueprint Takeoff Software

How to select measuring software?

Measuring software can be a great tool for anyone who needs to measure anything. From blueprints to floor plans, you can use measuring software to get the job done. There are a lot of different types of software available on the market and some are definitely better than others. The main question is how to choose a perfect fit for particular purposes.

Measuring software is a program that allows you to measure area, perimeter and length, calculate volume and much more. It can be used directly for construction purposes, but also for some other purposes. For example, if you’d like to understand how much wood you need for your project, you can easily do this with the help of this kind of software.

The best measuring software allows you to measure things in different ways: length, area, volume and angles. It should also be easy to use and have an option for printing out the result on paper or saving it as a PDF file.

In this article, we will explain why Kreo will do everything better than anyone else for your tasks!

Why Kreo is the best fit for you?

There’re 3 key characteristics of perfect takeoff software. Let us explain how they’re implemented in Kreo.

Accuracy – The first thing that you should look for choosing software. Anyone wants to make sure that their measurements will be correct. You can’t do anything if you don’t have accurate measurements! Here’s what Kreo does to make sure you get 100% correct values:

  • Kreo provides you with a real PDF. Unlike most other applications, Kreo doesn’t convert PDF into an image.

  • Kreo offers an accurate snapping tool, using which you’re able to get the most precise measurements possible.

  • Finally, we support a variety of file formats from PDF and all CAD formats to some image formats and even GIF, which doesn’t restrict you at all.

Ease of Use – The best measuring tools are easy to use and don’t require much training or experience to complete your job. They should also make it easy to find the information you need quickly so that you don’t waste your time on unnecessary tasks. Let’s learn how we made Kreo really simple & transparent in use:

  • Simple Collaboration. In our solution, you can easily work together with your colleagues within one company, share your projects with each other, work on the same project simultaneously and make notes and corrections to the work your colleague did. Moreover, you can invite free viewers (the amount is unlimited!) to any of your projects to present the work done to a client, a supervisor or other teammates who don’t need full access to the software.

  • Cloud-based solution. By choosing Kreo, you receive regular platform updates (approximately 2 times a month) with new features added & bugs fixed. Furthermore, you don’t need to install the program on your computer or re-install it each time a new update is live. We do everything for you!

  • All-in-one tool. Kreo contains everything you need to perform a takeoff: drawing, measurement tools, files & measurements management possibilities, collaboration functionality, flexible Excel-like report, filters, sorting and much more… Everything is on one page of the application!

Speed – The faster a measuring tool works, the more productive your team will be! This can help save money by reducing time wasted on waiting around while someone takes measurements or double checks their work. Kreo helps you to speed up your workflow in 2 ways:

  • There are no specific computer requirements to work in Kreo. You need only a stable internet connection to enjoy the simplicity of our app!

  • Our timely support, lots of helping materials, training tours inside the app & quick tutorial videos on how to get started together with an unlimited number of free onboarding sessions from our technical team will make you 10 times more productive!

Do you need to get accurate values of GIA/NIA? Do you make floor plans and determine dimensions of rooms? Do you calculate and add up areas, volumes and length? All that is possible with Kreo - a simple and easy-to-use cloud application.

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