AI's Role in Enabling Precise Measurements for PDF/CAD in Kreo

AI's Role in Enabling Precise Measurements for PDF/CAD in Kreo

August 12, 2022
AI's Role in Enabling Precise Measurements for PDF/CAD in Kreo

Artificial Intelligence technology is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, but one key question is still being asked: how does Kreo AI actually work? How smart can AI get? What is its purpose on this planet?
The ability to automatically “understand” your drawing's content and peculiarities is what makes Kreo's PDF measurement products so special. Kreo Software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately determine all required measurements without forcing you to edit every single feature template with a mouse. Being AI-powered, our software learns from users and constantly improves its results with each new drawing being uploaded. The more people use our products, the more data our mechanisms are able to collect and test. We use all the data uploaded to optimize our algorithms and acquire better accuracy and efficiency.
Meet our modern, user-friendly software for measuring blueprints online. Discover its AI-charged features:

Auto Measure

Measurements for PDF and CAD files generated In Seconds, Not Weeks!

With the help of machine learning, Kreo is able to recognize most elements of your drawings, classify them into relevant groups (eg. walls, doors, stairs, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.) and automatically define measurement values for each element. Thus, Auto Measure allows you to save time on measuring each element in the drawing. All you need to do is to dedicate your time to validate and, if necessary, adjust the results.

Auto Measure is run at a user's request. Switch the mechanism on or off at your convenience. Usually, it takes a couple of minutes for the system to process all the data and prepare the results.

2640 clicks
≈ 1231 sec
330 measurements

1 click
12 sec 🔼
330 measurements

AI Suggest

Measurements creation has never been so easy!

Have you ever looked at PDF or CAD files and imagined the long hours it would take to measure such a tremendous amount of work? Our huge dream was to develop a simple tool that will be your companion in creating measurements on PDF and CAD files 10 times faster. Thanks to Kreo's intelligent algorithms, the only thing you need to do is to click on a measurement’s starting point with the mouse. That's it — AI Suggest will handle the rest for you!

Auto Count

Quickly get a count for all objects on your drawings similar to the selected one!

Have you ever spent hours manually counting the number of similar objects in a drawing? I have, and it's not fun at all. What if I tell you, you could cut this time down to mere seconds… Would that seem unrealistic? Well, maybe. But not too long ago, being able to count how many objects were in your drawing by hand in seconds would also have seemed unrealistic. Counting is one of those things that humans aren't really good at. In fact, humans are quite poor at it when comparing them to computers.

Auto Scale

Let AI scale your pdf drawings automatically!

You don’t need to set up scale manually for each drawing anymore!
Our AI-powered algorithm is able to suggest a scale for a particular drawing depending on its peculiarities. All you need to do is to confirm or decline the suggestion once it’s automatically generated.

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