Bucket Fill — New AI Takeoff Tool

Bucket Fill — New AI Takeoff Tool

December 20, 2023
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Bucket Fill — New AI Takeoff Tool

Kreo Software's "Bucket Fill" AI Takeoff Tool is a groundbreaking development in the field of artificial intelligence for construction takeoff. This tool is designed to instantly measure areas or objects in images or drawings with a single click.

It's a part of Kreo Software's computer vision range, which emphasizes rapid recognition and classification of various areas and objects in drawings and images. The tool's unique feature is its ability to recognize and analyze new, previously unknown objects or images without needing pre-training. This allows it to adapt and work efficiently with new data immediately, bypassing the stage of additional tuning.

Some key benefits of the Bucket Fill tool include its flexibility and scalability, where it adapts to different conditions and tasks, processing new types of data without pre-training. Additionally, the tool is versatile and operates effectively on all types of drawings and images, while minimizing training errors typically associated with AI models.

At present, the tool is in alpha version, indicating that it is a new and innovative solution that may have some technical glitches, such as delays or errors in operation. However, the initial launch is a significant step in demonstrating the potential of this technology. It is important to note that access to this tool is available to all Kreo users.

The "Bucket Fill" AI Takeoff Tool by Kreo Software revolutionizes the process of creating measurements in several key ways:

Instant Measurements

The tool's ability to instantly measure areas or objects in images or drawings with a single click significantly speeds up the measurement process. This is a major advancement compared to traditional methods which are more time-consuming and manually intensive.

Adaptability to New Data

Traditional measurement tools often require pre-training on specific types of data or objects to be effective. The Bucket Fill tool, however, can adapt to and work efficiently with new, previously unknown objects or images immediately. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming additional tuning or training of the AI model, allowing for a broader application across various projects and scenarios.

Versatility and Efficiency

The tool is versatile and can be used on all types of drawings and images. Its rapid adaptation to new objects and scenarios enhances accuracy and efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in construction, design, and related fields.

By automating and streamlining the measurement process, the "Bucket Fill" tool helps professionals in construction, architecture, and related fields to achieve more accurate results faster, enhancing productivity and reducing the potential for human error.

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