7.7 Million Milestones and Future Vision

7.7 Million Milestones and Future Vision

December 15, 2023
Product updates
7.7 Million Milestones and Future Vision

Before we summarize the current year and share the consolidated results of our work (which will happen next week), let's highlight some key points for Kreo Software.

Throughout the past year, our dedicated users have carried out an impressive number of more than 7.7 million measurements, all of which were created manually (to be precise, 7,773,031.00). This is a significant achievement that we take pride in, underscoring the importance of our efforts in automating the measurement creation process.

  1. Overall Amount of Measurements:Throughout the year, Kreo users have conducted an impressive 7,773,031 measurements. This includes 4,231,941 linear measurements, 3,097,794 areal measurements, and 443,296 count measurements.
  2. Area Measurements:The total area measured by users amounted to a staggering 834,444,850 square meters. For perspective, this is approximately equivalent to 834 square kilometers, comparable to the overall area of London! When converted to feet, it translates to over 833 million square feet.
  3. Linear Measurements: The total length of linear measurements has reached 105,798,525 meters. This is more than 2.5 times the length of the Earth's equator, which is approximately 40,075 kilometers. Such a comparison helps to realize the scale of our achievements!
  4. Number of clicks: We are astonished to note that approximately 52 million clicks were made during the creation of measurements. Dividing this number by 365 days in a year, we average around 142,465 clicks per day – truly an impressive indicator of our users' activity.

These figures are not just the outcome of our work; they signify the trust that you, our users, place in Kreo Software every day. It also confirms that we are moving in the right direction by automating the measurements creation process. We deeply appreciate each click, every measurement, and every moment you choose Kreo. Ahead of us lie new horizons, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our journey together in the coming year.

The future of Kreo Software depends on your contributions, and we would like to take this moment to present our roadmap for the development of Kreo Software.

Now you can familiarize yourself with the key directions that Kreo team is focused on at the moment. We have still kept some details under wraps to prepare pleasant surprises for all our clients and to keep our upcoming fantastic features hidden from the competitors 🙂

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