3D View and 3D Parameters

3D View and 3D Parameters

February 7, 2024
Product updates
3D View and 3D Parameters

We are thrilled to share with you the latest additions to our product, inspired by your valuable feedback. In this update, we introduce new features that significantly expand the functionality of measurements and analytics.

3D parameters for measurements

Areal measurements

When working with area measurements, the introduction of height allows for the calculation of both Volume and Vertical Area. This is particularly useful in contexts where understanding the three-dimensional space or the surface area of boundaries is crucial.

Areal measurements

Linear measurements

For linear measurements, adding dimensions of height and thickness enables the calculation of Volume, Vertical Area, and Area, providing a detailed understanding of linear structures.

3D View

We're excited to introduce a brand new feature to our platform: the 3D View. This innovative tool allows for a seamless transition between traditional 2D and immersive 3D views, providing a comprehensive toolset for in-depth three-dimensional analysis and visualization of your data. With the 3D View, you have the capability to delve into detailed examinations, perform nuanced analyses, confirm data accuracy, capture precise screenshots for documentation, and modify parameters on the fly. This feature is designed to enhance your spatial understanding, significantly boosting the precision and efficiency of planning and managing your projects by offering a more intuitive and interactive way to interact with your data.

Improvement for 3D view

We've introduced an "Offset" indicator in our 3D View, which visually represents the distance of objects from the floor. This feature enhances your 3D visualization by providing a clear understanding of each element's elevation, making it easier to interpret and navigate your project's spatial layout.

List view for projects

The update to the project page design, introducing a list view, makes project management even more convenient and intuitive.

List view

We sincerely hope these new features will enhance your experience with our product. Your opinion is extremely important to us, and we would be delighted to receive your feedback and suggestions to make our product even better. Thank you for your support and engagement. We look forward to seeing you in future updates!

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