A message to customers

A message to customers

May 20, 2021
Product updates
A message to customers

Dear User,

We get it.

Performing a high-quality estimating process is a hard task. We know it for sure.

Receiving measurements that are not 100% accurate?
Scaling and measuring your drawings manually?
Facing numerous mistakes and data loss?
A large number of parties involved with non-effective collaboration?
Constant back-and-forth between drawings and spreadsheets?
Using the software with an outdated desktop user interface and specific system requirements?
Fed up with its constant reinstallation and system reboot after each platform update?

Kreo has you covered...πŸ‘‡

πŸ’–Use a product that's built on respect for users

Automate boring routine tasks.
Rely on AI and smart automation instead.
Work in a handy cloud environment, where the only requirement is a stable internet connection.
Work on projects in collaboration with your colleagues.
Quickly calculate GEA, GIA, NIA and accommodation schedule for mixed-use buildings.
Get immediate measurements for doors, windows, walls and rooms grouped by type.

πŸͺ‚ Simple. Flexible. Modern.

Reduce the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes required to measure quantities.
Create your takeoff schedule right in the app and export it to Excel.
Easily check the accuracy of schedules.
Structure, organise, group, regroup, filter and merge your measurements.
Create any takeoff schedules you need.
Be as flexible as you need with schedule formats, layouts and structures.

🌌 Upload. Measure. Check. Transfer. Export.

Enjoy Kreo's relatively inexpensive price and always extremely user-friendly support team.
Perform your work faster and more efficiently.
Make your clients happier and business more profitable.
Forget about all the issues and let Kreo do the work for you.


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