Templates for Projects add-on is live

Templates for Projects add-on is live

February 23, 2022
Product updates
Templates for Projects add-on is live

We're glad to introduce our new add-on, which is Templates for projects 🥳
This blog will help you to understand all its benefits and possibilities. Let's figure it out...

Templates for projects help you to get rid of routine tasks when creating a project. You’re able to create a template from the already existing project or create a new template from scratch. Templates for projects help to structure your data and provide consistency for any of your projects. Templates are easy to update and edit.

What are the benefits of the add-on?

  1. Work together on a single template.
  2. Save time and avoid errors from mechanical operations.
  3. Templates are easy to update by adding new best practice solutions and fixing bugs.
  4. Connect the folder structure and the report by making relevant links. Then, in the project, measurements will fall immediately into the right place of the report automatically.
  5. Create a single structure for all employees. It is easier to understand projects when everyone does the same.

Much more helpful features are about to land 🛬 ... Stay tuned!

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