Templates for folders. Excel Import and other exciting improvements

Templates for folders. Excel Import and other exciting improvements

July 1, 2021
Product updates
Templates for folders. Excel Import and other exciting improvements

In today's update, we have prepared a lot of impressive new features and many amazing improvements for our users πŸ˜‹

  1. Templates for folder structure 🌠
  2. Font size for the sheet bar πŸ––
  3. Imperial measurement display system πŸ¦„
  4. Import Excel files to 2D Takeoff Β πŸ—ƒ
  5. Relative copying for formulas 🧲
  6. Colour for folders πŸ“‚πŸŽ¨
  7. Search for the Measurements panel πŸ”Ž
  8. Invert selection πŸ”€
  9. Removing empty folders ❌

and also 34 bugs fixed πŸ›

Templates for folder structure

This feature allows you to create templates for folders in order to group and structure your measurements in the way you need, as well as reuse the previously created templates in any of your next projects.

Font size for the sheet bar

Now you can easily change the text's size in the cells of your spreadsheet.

Imperial measurement display system

What's more, we've added a convenient display system for measurements in the Imperial unit system.

Image 4

Import Excel files

That's right! Now you can import your Excel files to your projects in 2D Takeoff and continue working on them right
in the app.

Image 3

Relative copying for formulas

Since this update, you can easily copy a spreadsheet's cells together with all the data inside.

Colour for folders

From now on, you are able to set a folder's colour. Moreover, when you're transferring your measurements to a folder with a particular colour or creating the measurements right in it, then the selected colour will be automatically assigned to them.

Search for the Measurements panel

There's not even anything to add! Just enjoy using it.
The Search feature works like a filter, which is a huge advantage of it.

Invert selection

This option helps you to easily invert the selection of your measurements.

Removing empty folders

This option serves to remove all the empty folders in the Measurements panel.

Measurements panel

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