Properties, items, assemblies & new report types

Properties, items, assemblies & new report types

May 18, 2022
Product updates
Properties, items, assemblies & new report types

Today’s update has brought an immense functionality that allows users to create Assemblies and new types of a report for Items and Takeoffs. The functionality will help you to create Quotes, Estimates, BoQs and Cost Plans.

Transform measurements to bills of quantities, cost estimates, and quotes and have lots of fun with charts and comparisons while presenting to the clients.

Assemblies Database

Assemblies functionality helps you make a real "object" out of a simple measurement on a drawing. This object can have any properties and parameters you need: geometric, estimating, classification, etc.

Structure of Assemblies Database

Assemblies database has several "levels", which allow you to link simpler entities into whole objects.
This structure is represented by 3 levels: property, item and assembly itself.

Structure of Assemblies Database

Property — the simplest database element, which is invented to store any parameter: thickness, volume, cost type, classification code, number of layers, etc.

Item — the next level of the database structure, that contains properties and already carries an applied meaning, providing a connection between all the properties included in it. An item can be material or labour, a set of geometric characteristics of an object. It can also be an area element of the Area Schedule, etc. An item can already be applied to a measurement and then all its properties will be calculated for this measurement.

Assembly — a set of items, that serves for the rapid application of several connected items at once and also provides a connection between them. This creates a high-level object that has an internal structure: Assembly — Items — Properties.

Applying Entities

Application of entities works through a window that serves as a kind of a connector between your Assemblies database and measurements.
Entities can be applied to multiple measurements or to a folder. Applying measures to a folder means that all the measurements that will be in this folder will apply to themselves the values from the Item that belongs to the folder.


New types of a report represent tables for Takeoffs and Items with really flexible functionality.


Items Report

The type of a report that is based on your items and assemblies which are applied to Measurements and Folders.

Takeoffs Report

The type of a report that is based on your measurements with default values.

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