Beta testing of newest features is on!




Hello, dear friends of Kreo 2D Takeoff!

Our solution is growing and being actively developed every single day thanks to your loyal usage of the product 💞
Kreo 2D Takeoff is a customer-focused platform and we do care a lot about our users. Your opinion on the current condition and further development of the product is crucially important to us. 

Currently, we're aimed at receiving even more helpful feedback from real users of our product. And that's why...👇
We're launching totally free private Beta testing of the newest and latest features for a limited number of users.


What is your benefit? 

  1. Be the first one to try out features yet not available to all users of Kreo 2D Takeoff
  2. Influence the product development by sharing your sincere feedback
  3. Incorporate your custom needs and requirements in our roadmap


What are the features?

All with "Beta" indicator near their names đŸ˜‹
For instance, opening your spreadsheet in a separate browser tab or newly added 248 mathematical formulas & functions for the Spreadsheet area. 


What are the conditions?

  1. Be a real user of Kreo 2D Takeoff
  2. Share your honest feedback with us concerning the features you're going to test


What is the process? 

  1. Fill out the attached form đŸ’Œ
  2. After that, we will switch on the platform's Beta features for your account and notify you right away 🕹ī¸
  3. Your time to test secret features at your own pace đŸ¤
  4. You'll be always updated on the most recently added features đŸ‘ģ
  5. Our support team will be in touch on a monthly basis to gather your feedback on newly developed features 👩‍🔧

Excited to try?


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