Plenty of new features available

Plenty of new features available

June 11, 2021
Product updates
Plenty of new features available

Offset for polylines and polygons

The offset feature works interactively. Choose the relevant polygon or polyline with the help of the Select tool and you will see the offset option appear in the popup menu. Select it and drag left or right to create a contour around the original polygon or polyline.

Zoom In, Home, Zoom Out

Zooming the drawing in or out to the appropriate extent is now available in Kreo!
The Navigation toolbar is located in the lower right corner of the drawing. The toolbar controls allow you to customise the zoom level or get back to the original view.

Exporting drawings into PDF format

From now on, you are able to save the final versions of your drawings into PDF format with all the measurements, modifications and improvements preserved.


Duplicating pages rather than whole files

Duplicate only necessary pages out of immense PDF or CAD files with lots of drawings inside.


Transfer nested structure to your spreadsheet at once

We've added a new template for the "Move To Cell β€” Table" option, which saves the tree-like structure of your drawings. So, now you are able to move any kind of nested measurement structure to your schedule into a structured view in just one click!

Move to cell table

Unlimited free guest accounts

Enjoy an unlimited number of free guest seats in Kreo. Invite as many guests to your projects as necessary. But note that guests are able to only view the drawings and spreadsheet, as well as to see all the work done there.
Perfect fit for your clients or supervisors, isn't it? πŸ˜‰


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