New measurements manager and count tools improvements


Here are Kreo Software updates for November. We did substantial usability improvements, delivered a couple of great new features and fixed 45 bugs 🔪

  1. Upgraded Measurements manager
  2. Pin folders
  3. Various shapes for count tools
  4. Improvements connected with font size
  5. Optimization for big files
  6. Significant performance improvements

Upgraded Measurements manager

In this update, we’ve redesigned the Measurements manager a lot. Its interface has become more user-friendly and visually attractive. Just look at it:

Upgraded Measurements manager

Pin folders

Really important usability improvement many users were asking for. Now you’re able to pin a folder in the Measurements manager and start measuring directly to this folder.

Various shapes for count tools

Select the geometric shape for your future counts. Square, circle, rhomb, pentagon, hexagon and other shapes are now available.

Improvements connected with font size

Now you can specify the appropriate font size for all measurement and annotation tools. And moreover, you’re able to save indicated font size while exporting drawings to PDF.

Improvements connected with font size

Optimization for big files

Optimize your big files to improve their overall performance in Kreo. The system now can rasterize your files & significantly speed up the work with all big files.

Optimization for big files

Significant performance improvements

Files upload speed is now increased by 87.5%. Also, we made a solid improvement in uploading quite big and heavy projects.

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