Moving Segment

Moving Segment

August 6, 2021
Product updates
Moving Segment

Discover this article to find out which new functionality we've brought to the latest update πŸ‘‡

  1. Moving segment 🚁
  2. Basics of collaboration 🀝
  3. Improvements in navigation πŸ”Ί

Moving Segment

In this update, we've been working a lot to grant our users the possibility to move separate segments for the whole polygons & polylines. To move the relevant segment, hover the mouse cursor over it and pull the slider in the direction you need.

Profile icons for the Measurements panel

Currently, we're developing the basics of collaboration.
Now we've added profile icons for the Measurements panel. Thus, you are able to easily trace who & when created and modified any measurement you are interested in.

Improvements in navigation

Now you can easily move the drawing by dragging the mouse with the space bar being held down.


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