Link to the folder and custom colours

Link to the folder and custom colours

December 8, 2021
Product updates
Link to the folder and custom colours

Our new update is already on the platform! Thanks to it, you're now able to move data into a spreadsheet much faster, as well as set any custom colours for files, measurements, folders and reports.


  1. πŸ”— Link to the folder
  2. 🎨 Custom colours

Link to the folder

In this update, we've created functionality that dynamically binds to the value from the measurement folder.
To use the feature, right click on the folder and select the "Folder to cell" option, then select the property (area, perimeter, length, count) you would like to transfer.
After that, you'll have the link to the folder with the selected property, which is dynamically updated, meaning that when you're adding new measurements or modifying existing ones, the data in the cell will be immediately updated.

Custom Colours

Now you are able to add any custom colour you need for the entire project. The feature works for measurements, folders, reports and files.

In Kreo, colours are divided into the following groups:‍

Default colours: colours that are offered by our default colour scheme
Custom colours: colours you can select in the colour palette or by specifying its number (hex, rgb, hsl)
Used colours: colours you've already used in your projects

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