Last release of this year

Last release of this year


  1. 💫 Measurement insertion mechanisms are improved
    1. Measurement insertion into a selected folder
    2. New "Keep structure" setting
  2. 🖐 Multi-delete for folders
  3. 🔎 Redesign of folders and measurements
  4. 🙏 Drawing loading speed is improved

Hey everyone👋

You might have already gone on the Christmas holiday, but our team is still working hard to deliver the last platform's update for this year safe & sound 😜 Let's see what we've prepared for you this time...

Measurement insertion into a selected folder 

The feature allows you to paste copied or cut measurements into a selected folder.
To do this, select the relevant measurement in the drawing or in the Measurements manager, then copy or cut it.
After that, select a folder and simply paste your measurement.
All these changes will be transferred to the selected folder.

Keep Structure

Our new setting for measurement insertion allows you to insert measurements into existing folders after they've been copied and pasted to other pages of your project.

Multi-delete for folders 

From now on, you're able to simultaneously remove several folders with all measurements inside. 


Redesign of folders and measurements 

In this update, we've also improved the visibility of folders and measurements inside the Measurements manager. 

Redesign of folders and measurements


Drawing loading speed is improved

One of our main focuses at the moment is the platform's performance. This update brings one more significant improvement in this area connected with the average speed of loading your files into the software.
You definitely need to test it out!



This is our final release for 2021🎇... See you next year!


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