Kreo 2.0 coming soon: assemblies, items & new report views

Kreo 2.0 coming soon: assemblies, items & new report views

May 4, 2022
Product updates
Kreo 2.0 coming soon: assemblies, items & new report views

As all of you know, Kreo is quite a young product 👶 A year has already passed since our application has been launched live. As expected, we received a lot of helpful feedback... Since November 2021, we have started discussing how to enhance the product to transform it into the fastest top-quality Takeoff and Estimating Software with developers and our most active customers, who also intensively participated in the discussions.
And for our first birthday, we have prepared a very powerful and flexible functionality, that will be introduced in this article.

Currently, there’s a report in a form of an Excel spreadsheet in Kreo 2D Takeoff, and in order to move measures to the spreadsheet, you have to select a measurement or a folder with measurements, and transfer them using the existing options: Move to Cell, Folder to Cell, etc. Our main idea while building new functionality was to speed up the time of creating reports in the app and thus change the workflow for our customers to a more automated one. To do this, we have added other types of reports for the project, which are Takeoffs Report and Items Report.

Consequently, you are now able to create flexible reports by managing any kind of data.

Predefined and Custom Assemblies


Assemblies is a way to combine frequently used items into one package, ensuring that you have everything you need to present a takeoff. Like items, assemblies are added to takeoff as needed to automatically convert takeoff data into your materials, labour, equipment, subcontracting, and various other items.

Key Features

  1. Predefined Assemblies. We not only built the functionality itself, but also created a ready-made Assemblies database, that contains NR1, NR2, MasterFormat, and other samples and which you can easily download in our application.
  1. A flexible and simple system for creating Items and Assemblies. We are not limited to creating Items only for Cost Type. In our product, you can create Items and Assemblies for the report in the way you want. For example, you can create an Item that will not only count the quantity of tiles but also specify which report section it will be sent to. In the report, you can further group or create some kind of Breakdown with codes or with descriptions you need. Roughly speaking, you’re able to create a form or a template for your calculation and fill it with data.
  1. Applying and editing. You can apply items and assemblies to whole folders with measurements or to single measures. In the pop-up window, when you select a folder or a measurement, you have access to your entire database of assemblies and items.

New report views for Takeoffs Quantity and Items Quantity


Now you will have access to new report types in a form of a table. They are automatically updated. You can create them as well as a Spreadsheet page, which is our existing type of report. Check the list of settings available for new report views:

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