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April 29, 2022
Product updates
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Kreo is a product that's built on respect for users. Our main goal is to listen to our customers & turn their recent dreams into our latest features. With this idea in mind, we've built the product's community to become much closer to our users.

New Customer Community Forum

The idea of the community was to find a way for you, our customers, to build relationships with one another and with our product team. Thus we created a platform, where you can share your thoughts, speak with the Kreo 2D Takeoff team, connect with other users, request new features & discuss the platform's functionality.


Feel free to share your thoughts

We believe in the power of conversation and know that every our user has a lot of exciting insights our team and other users can find useful. Our community is divided into 4 sections:

Product Wishlist
— let us know your hardest pains and things you're missing in our product. You can't imagine how quickly a feature can appear on the platform if you request it & explain why it's so important. The section is open for everyone & is already waiting for a first feature request to be added there.


News & Updates
— be among the first ones to learn our freshest news, test out the beta functionality & newly added features. This is the only section, where you're unable to publish content, but you can easily comment on any post published by the team.


Questions & Answers
— we'll be more than happy to shed some light on any question you have in mind. Please, do not be afraid to ask. The best thing we can do together is to develop ourselves and our skills further.


Bugs & Issues
— everyone is not perfect, thus we value & fix asap each bug we receive from you. You know how fast we're at fixing bugs and solving your hardest issues. More challenges for the technical team = a more powerful product you'll get.

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