Introducing Kreo Software and Contractor Foreman integration

Introducing Kreo Software and Contractor Foreman integration

December 8, 2022
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Introducing Kreo Software and Contractor Foreman integration


Thanks to Kreo Software and Contractor Foreman integration, you’re able to produce estimates, invoices, bills and orders in Contractor Foreman based on the takeoff generated with the help of AI technologies in Kreo. This solution perfectly suits small and medium size contractors based in the US and Canada.

What is Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is a powerful and easy-to-use construction management solution with a great number of financial features such as estimates, bid management, invoices and orders, online payments and others. You can manage all activities with customers and contractors right from the app, create and store all necessary documents and information there.

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Contractor Foreman

What is Kreo Software

Kreo Software provides excellent and convenient tools for preparing takeoffs including AI features such as Auto Measure, AI Suggest and Auto Count. Live links and validation features help to avoid mistakes and receive the most accurate measurements possible. Templates and fully customizable Assemblies Database can save an enormous amount of time and reduce repetitive steps, at the same time, storing all your rates, items and cost codes up to date with Contractor Foreman. Collaborate with your team working on your Project in Kreo, as impeccably as Kreo collaborates with Contractor Foreman.

What you can achieve with this integration

Kreo Software and Contractor Foreman integration helps you to set up your own Cost items database with all required data like costs and rates, rules and formulas to calculate quantities and get total values and preset cost codes for each labor, material, and subcontractor items. Eventually, you will have identical databases both in Kreo & Contractor Foreman which provides seamless export from Kreo and import to Contractor Foreman. Databases are easy to update if required. Then, you can perform takeoff and get all items in Kreo, export all the necessary data to Contractor Foreman and go ahead with Contractor Foreman to produce estimates, purchase orders, generate invoices and any other output documents.

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