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  1. πŸ“ Folders for projects
  2. πŸ› Bugs fixed and small improvements made

Hey everyoneπŸ‘‹

This time, we've delivered the feature, that allows users to build a neat structure of every project in our software. Let's discover what's the feature is about. 

Folders for projects 

Now you're able to group files of your future project in Kreo 2D Takeoff into relevant folders at the stage of its creation.

This is easily achievable with the help of our new feature, which is folders for the project level.
Utilising it, you can quickly create a folder for your future project and load your files there directly to have an ordered structure of your workspace in our app. 

Moreover, you're able to create any nested structure of folders required or to move already existing projects to newly added folders.  


We're preparing something really impressive πŸ‘€ ...
Stay tuned!


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