First update after official Beta Launch

First update after official Beta Launch

March 12, 2021
Product updates
First update after official Beta Launch

While you are testing the platform, we continue to work on the development of other significant and more advanced features as well as improving the platform's stability.


4 new features

55 bugs fixed

15 improvements

Search in the spreadsheet

When working with schedules in 2D Takeoff, especially if these schedules are pretty large and do not fit on a single monitor screen, it is difficult to visually find the required word or value in a row.
The easiest way of doing this is to run a search on the relevant page of your spreadsheet. To do this, click on the loupe icon, after which the search window opens.

Adding multiple measurements to multiple cells

Sometimes you may need to insert multiple measurements in a row or column. To do this, select multiple relevant measurements and click on the option "Move to Cell".
And if you need to place the measurements horizontally - hold down the "Shift" button and click on the value.
When you need to place the measurements vertically - hold down the "Ctrl" button and click on the value.

Close other tabs in a click

Sometimes you have several pdf pages opened and need to close the others leaving only one of them. Now you can easily do this. Right click on them and select the "Close other tabs" option. Everything is simple with Kreo!

Auto Measure is run at the user's request

Before this update, the "Auto Measure" feature was switched on by default. Since this update Kreo is running the "Auto Measure" at the user's request. As this will significantly increase the "Auto Measure" results.

Check 'Quick Tip' Videos to advance your working flow

Use advanced 'quick tips' as a helping hand to those who would like to speed up their current working flow in 2D Takeoff.

In the next update...

Check out the features we will deliver in the next update:

  1. Support for DWG file format
  2. Undo/Redo option
  3. Support for the Imperial unit system
  4. "Auto move to cell" tool

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