First platform's update in 2022



  1. 🎲 Height & width for Rectangle elements
  2. 🎎 New filter for File Manager
  3. 🎳 Extrude geometry


Hey everyone👋

Our team hopes you've had a wonderful holiday season and already are full of new strength and energy 💪
In our turn, we're ready to please you with a new release, which is our first update in the New Year.
Let's see which new features are now available in Kreo 2D Takeoff 😜

Height & width for Rectangle elements 

In this update, we've added the possibility to extract 2 new quite useful measurement values for rectangle objects.
They're height and width. Right click on the relevant rectangle and you'll see these two values along with area, perimeter and count. 

New Filter for File Manager

From now on, you're able to filter pages of your files by measurements' presence or absence. 
Our new filter for the File Manager helps you with that. Use the filter to add to your view all pages with or without measurements inside. 

Extrude geometry 

Extrude geometry feature is a new way of editing and modifying measurements in Kreo 2D Takeoff.
By holding down Ctrl/Command and pulling the blue slider placed at the middle of any element's side, you're able to change any side of the measurement to the extent you need. If you don't use Ctrl/Command, you're simply pulling the line itself (this's been available before this update). When you press Ctrl/Command, you're extruding a whole measurement. 



Much more exciting features are coming this year 🤩 ...
Stay tuned!



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