Excel templates for quantity takeoff


Receiving accurate quantities is the first step of processing a drawing. All the following stages depend on it, as the data collected during the first step is the basis for obtaining any type of report, regardless of whether it’s a cost plan, material list, quantity takeoff, cost estimate or a proposal.

Usually, it is not enough to simply measure the line in the drawing to get precise quantities, because the line itself does not carry all the required data. From a linear measurement, we need to somehow extract the element’s and the material’s volume and the amount of work required.

To make this process smooth, to avoid costly mistakes and to be 100% sure your calculation is correct, we suggest using the excel templates for measurement calculation presented below.

By using them in your workflow, you’ll be able to calculate the element’s measurements required to receive the material amount or the overall scope of work.
From the amount of paint for a wall to the volume of a round column or from the formwork of a beam to the number of tiles or materials needed for a roof: all of that is easy to get in our excel templates.

Who are the templates for?

We made our templates suitable for almost every professional involved in the preconstruction process. If you are a small/medium contractor or a subcontractor, a builder or a cost estimator, a quantity surveyor or a supplier, you will be really satisfied with our excel template calculators.

Once you download the template, you will no longer need to constantly count the sizes of the same elements and always recheck the final data. All calculations, formulas, measurement units are already set up. You will only need to enter the initial values, select the necessary units and use the final result. 

These excel templates are an incredibly flexible tool that will allow you to make the most out of Excel.

You will be able to use these templates locally on your computer or work with the web version directly in our software for cost estimation & quantity takeoff, Kreo, which contains all the necessary tools for marking up drawings, receiving precise quantities, costs and reports of any kind, thanks to the integrated online spreadsheet.

Let’s expand on each calculator in detail

Concrete elements Calculator

Concrete Column Calculator

The calculator will help you find measurements for columns of round, rectangular or square cross-section, the area for formwork or painting, the volume and mass of concrete.

Concrete Beam Calculator

With the help of this calculator, you will be able to get measurements for formwork, painting and concreting of square or rectangular beams.

Concrete Wall & Slab Calculator

The calculator will help you get all necessary quantities for concrete slabs and walls. Bottom and side area, volume and concrete weight are easy to receive in a few clicks as well.

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Roofing Calculator

The calculator is suitable for receiving any measurements of a pitched or flat roof, pitch angle, run or span, rise and rafter length. The required amount of roofing material or the number of trusses or frames per building length all of that can be obtained in various ways in our Excel roofing template calculator.

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Painting Calculator

The calculator provides the net painting area and calculates volume of paint and number of pots.

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Drywall Calculator

The calculator can be used for getting a number of plasterboards, studs and fasteners for drywall constructions.

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Masonry Calculator

Use this calculator to receive the number of bricks or blocks in a wall or partition.

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Ramp Calculator

The calculator allows you to find ramp run, length and area.

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Tiling and Decking Calculators

The calculators help you find the exact number of pieces and packs of tiles or decking for any room or area.

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How can these templates be used in Kreo?

Our excel templates provide professionals like you, with incredible flexibility and allow you to prepare a report of any kind. However, with this approach being applied, there still can be a crucial problem: measurements are not connected with the final report. This leads to the need to re-validate results, while changes, modifications and new versions of one and the same projects are quite hard to maintain. The cost estimates and proposals lose direct connection with the quantities received. 

This is why Kreo can help you join all the dots together to overcome these obstacles.

 By bringing together PDF or CAD files and the spreadsheet in a single online working environment, Kreo saves countless hours and helps you avoid mistakes caused by constantly hopping back-and-forth between drawings and the spreadsheet.

Measurement data and formulas are kept synced so that you’ll be more efficient, especially when making last-minute changes in schedules.

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