Auto Measure: the feature's logic and what's in for the future

Auto Measure: the feature's logic and what's in for the future

December 15, 2021
Auto Measure: the feature's logic and what's in for the future

What is the Auto Measure?

Auto Measure is an AI-powered feature, which allows you to recognize drawings based on a specific dataset.

Dataset is the system of rules under which the Auto Measure recognizes drawings. These rules allow our algorithm to understand why an object is a door and not a window and why an apartment is a combination of several rooms.

Based on the long testing and analysis of this feature, we are updating and continuously improving our dataset. If you are a heavy user of the Auto Measure, you'll notice that the feature's quality and accuracy will increase over time. This is because of the new versions of the retrained algorithm we're constantly adding to the platform.

Dataset consists out of the following:

✅ Rooms
✅ Flats

✅ Doors (Internal/External)
✅ Openings
✅ Windows
✅ Walls (Internal/External)

Note that the Auto Measure is suitable for residential 🏡 drawings only. Currently, our main focus is to ensure that the Auto Measure works with 100% accuracy.

What is in for Auto Measure in the future?

  1. Improved quality and speed
    We apply maximum effort to make the feature as precise & quick as possible.
  2. Research and development of new datasets
    Kreo's R&D department is constantly researching trades with the highest demand and interest for the Auto Measure feature. If you would like us to consider your trade or if you would have any recommendation, feel free to contact us 💌
  3. Launch of the Auto Measure for a whole project
    The goal is to launch the Auto Measure for all the drawings within a single project simultaneously. Once available, users will be able to press one button & receive the Auto Measure results on all pages of one project within several minutes.

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