Auto Measure 2.0

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TLDR: Auto Measure 2.0 🆕 Measurement Panel 👝

Kreo 2D Takeoff is almost ready for the official launch to the market. We are updating the platform ahead of launch with juicy new features, which will significantly speed up your working flow in our product 👇

Auto Measure 2.0

Let Kreo do all the work for you with the help of the innovative Auto Measure mechanism, which defines all the doors, windows, walls and rooms on your drawings, as well as grouping the elements by their type just in one click.

The Auto Measure tool is the mixture of the latest computer vision techniques, which serve to speed up existing manual measuring and tagging processes, allowing users to save hours and days of manually measuring and keying in data into a spreadsheet.

Kreo's neural network constantly updates and learns from your drawings. Thanks to Auto Measure you are able to quickly calculate GEA, GIA, NIA and accommodation schedule for mixed-use buildings.

See how substantially Kreo 2D Takeoff's unique features have been improved ⤵️

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Measurement Panel

We've significantly improved the work with measurements in the Measurements Panel. Now you are able to create a structure from folders, drag and drop folders to the necessary position and create measurements directly in the selected folder. 
Check out the video to see all the features of the upgraded version of the Measurement Panel. 




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