Intelligent measurements with Wizard AI

We introduce a revolutionary AI feature of Kreo Software that will transform the way you work with drawings. Fast, accurate and intuitive!

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  • Versatile: Works on all types of drawings
  • High-Speed: Provides fast measurements and analysis
  • High-Quality: Ensures accurate and reliable results


Get linear or area measurements with a single click

Bucket Tool

Find and measure the contour of any area automatically


Identify and analyze objects by their size or style


Intuitive measurement with just a click

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a wait list?

Some of Kreo's AI features are in alpha testing, which means that we are constantly making improvements. The waiting list allows us to learn from your early feedback so that we can improve it and provide a high quality service for everyone.

When will I get off the wait list?

Our team works as fast as we can to onboard as many users as possible. Keep your eye on your inbox, we will let you know when it is your turn!

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