Kreo vs. Bluebeam: Why teams choose Kreo

Teams prefer Kreo over Bluebeam for its user-friendly interface, superior collaboration tools, and cutting-edge features tailored for construction takeoff and estimating, including advanced AI capabilities. It's all about making work seamless and intuitive

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Advanced, not for beginners
Easy to use (simple start)
Windows-only desktop app
Cross-platform web app
2D PDF Tools: Essential for basic construction documents
AI Construction Suite: Includes takeoff, cost estimation, and project management with 2D/3D support
Customer support
No chat support in-app, and irregular updates
Feedback-driven updates, In-app chat, Bi-weekly updates
Low-performing desktop app without real-time collaboration
High-performance web app with real-time collaboration, powered by a robust 2D WebGL engine
Industry focus
Narrow focus, utilizing traditional methods for precision in construction
Broad focus, leveraging AI for efficiency in construction

Why Kreo Software is Better

Kreo Software stands out for several reasons, especially for users who value innovative technology and efficiency in construction and project management.

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  • Centralized data management
    Centralized Data Management
    Unify all estimating phases, from takeoff to the final estimate, in a single system
  • Workflow optimization
    Workflow Optimization
    Boost estimating speed and accuracy by standardizing project workflows
  • Enhancing communication
    Enhancing Communication
    Enhance team collaboration and synergy with instant information sharing and real-time updates
AI Solutions for Instant Measurements

AI Solutions for Instant Measurements

Kreo Software revolutionizes the construction sector with digital solutions that dramatically speed up and enhance measurement accuracy. Leveraging advanced AI, it automates GEA, GIA, NIA measurements and documentation for spaces and structural elements, streamlining your project workflow.

Time Saving
Resource Efficiency
AI Search and Analysis

AI Search and Analysis

Kreo Software redefines planning and analysis in construction. Our smart search feature lets you instantly identify and analyze similar items in your project, saving time and improving accuracy in comparisons and evaluations.

Analysis Efficiency
Better Decision-Making
Risk Reduction
2D and 3D Measurements

2D and 3D Measurements

Kreo Software offers 2D and 3D measurement options for project flexibility. Quickly overview with 2D or explore in-depth spatial details with 3D, ensuring high planning accuracy without compromising speed or detail, enhancing efficiency at all project stages.

Depth of Understanding
Enhanced Visualization
Detail Accuracy

Fast and powerful viewer for drawings

Ideally suited for processing large and detailed projects, ensuring seamless access to the necessary information without delays

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