AI-assisted construction software solutions that help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce uncertainty from design brief and feasibility to tender stage


Traditional construction bidding processes take on average a month.

When you get your cost and schedule estimations, they're usually based on little starting evidence and have to be rushed.

Collaboration is hard with so many parties involved, especially when many still cannot or will not use BIM.

Kreo federates your BIM model, fixes errors and provides a cloud-based platform you can share with anyone. Get accurate cost and schedule estimates within a day. 

Choose your projects faster. Win more profitable work.

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It takes around four weeks on average to compile a bid. There are always clashes in the BIM model, there are problems with collaboration and BIM elements are usually classified incorrectly or not at all.

Kreo can shorten this process to a matter of days. Kreo federates and fixes the model from the start. Kreo identifies and classifies BIM elements immediately from the model. You can share your model with anyone on the cloud and comment on the model in the platform.

Project Planning with Kreo

Freelance Quantity Surveyor

BIM Element Identification

Automatic BIM element identification and classification - more accurate than any other software.

Value Engineering

Dynamically linking cost and schedule estimations to your BIM model allows for more accuracy and detail.

Collaborate Easily

Share your model with your stakeholders in the cloud, making it easier for companies not yet using BIM to get started.

How Kreo Works

Kreo Plan simply requires a BIM model. You can choose to upload your model from Revit or an IFC format. From there, Kreo federates your model, fixes any major issues and automatically classifies every element to Uniclass. It does all of this in minutes, no matter how large your BIM model.

Kreo automatically assigns activities to each BIM element, allowing you to speed up the creation of schedules during pre-construction. Kreo enables easy and secure cost database creation, which it then automatically links to your model. This allows you to estimate cost in record time.

Kreo integrates seamlessly with Revit, MS Project & Excel. You can even use Kreo as a bidding platform, as all of the data is cloud-based and can be shared with anyone.

BIM Standardisation

By instantly identifying and classifying all elements in your model, quantity surveyors do not have to manually assign information. Your quantities will be kept up-to-date with every design change. 

Advanced measurement

Avoid mistakes with Kreo's advanced measurement capabilities based on BIM element geometry meshes. Ensure your model is truly correct before you take off quantities.