3D Measurements

3D Measurements

February 28, 2024
3d takeoff measurements

We're excited to announce that 3D measurements are coming to Kreo! This feature has been highly requested by our users, with 452 requests submitted in total. We understand the importance of quickly and easily getting the area of a wall to paint, the volume of a concrete element, or the area of all the walls in a room. That's why we've developed 3D measurements to make these tasks easier than ever before.

With 3D measurements, you have input fields for Height and Thickness to linear measurements and Height to areas. You can also get Vertical Area and Volume automatically as soon as you fill in the required input fields. This means that you can get the area of internal walls simply by entering the height at the measurement creation stage or selecting already created measurements and entering their heights.

The new parameters can be used in spreadsheets just like the current area, length, count, and others. They will also appear automatically in the takeoff report, so you can get the total area of all the walls there, group them by height, and more.

For Kreo advanced users who use the Assemblies Database, all new parameters will be supported as measured values. This will make the database much easier to use, standardize all the basic geometric measurement parameters, and make the database faster and more powerful.

3D measurements Kreo

We've also thought about the details, so you can be sure that 3D measurements are as user-friendly as possible. For example, if you enter a height or thickness value at the measurement creation stage, we'll save that value for subsequent measurements, so you don't have to enter it again and again.

The performance of Kreo will remain the same high level whether or not you enter new parameters.

And if you select measurements with different values in the input fields, e.g., some lines have a height of 2 metres and some have a height of 3 metres, we will not only show that the values are different, but we will also show you which values occur among the selected measurements.

We're excited to see how 3D measurements will take Kreo Software to the next level by making a full 3D in 2D. For now, we'll leave you with a little spoiler: 3D Views.

We hope you're as excited about 3D measurements as we are! Stay tuned for more information and updates as this feature nears its release.

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