Automate quantity takeoff in pre-construction to see the best results

Pre-construction planning is inaccurate

Inaccuracy in pre-construction planning and design is accepted as almost inevitable by the industry, from the client to architect to engineer.

Bidding processes are broken, in that bidding windows are too short, and it’s a race to the bottom when it comes to price. 

survey results - how confident are you in the accuracy of your project cost predictions?

No one is ready to design and plan buildings to a high level of accuracy in the pre-construction phase.

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Automate repetitive tasks

Quantity takeoff in the pre-construction planning stage of a project involves repetitive calculations and data entry. Cost estimators and quantity surveyors are asked to give information within tight time constraints, which limits accuracy. 

Machines are able to conduct millions of calculations per second, which a human could never achieve. With automation, work can be achieved much more quickly. It allows the expert to spend time verifying and correcting information, rather than entering it. 


Improve productivity with AI and automation

Kreo uses AI and automation to take off quantities in minutes from a BIM model or 2D drawing. 

Kreo is able to instantly:

  1. Identify BIM objects and assign methods of measurement 
  2. Extract quantities (from geometry rather than property)
  3. Group all elements by UniClass, NRM, or other properties
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With Kreo, you don't have to identify or classify any elements yourself. Export to a bill format in Excel, ready for bills of quantities, including NRM data.

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Kreo was built for anyone to get started with minimal training. It works on a freemium model, so you can try it out straight away. Get high quality data on your building projects in minutes, not weeks.

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