How to use formulae in my report?

Read what is the purpose of using formulae in your report here. 

In general, to calculate extra properties which are not included in your report you need to do the following steps:
1. Create an appropriate report;
2. Add a new column to the report and rename it. We will calculate the property we need to receive later in this column;
3. Add additional columns for extra properties not included in the report but required for calculation. They need to be inserted manually if necessary;
4. Go back to the column with the property we’re going to get;
5. Insert a formula there.

N.B! RULES how to insert a formula in a report correctly:

- Start with the “=” sign. If you don’t, the formula WON’T be calculated!
- Insert your properties in “[ ]” and write the name of the required cell inside (eg. “[net area]”)
- You can also use numbers in your calculations. If you insert a number you don’t need any “[ ]”
- There’s no difference whether you insert the value starting from a capital letter or not.
- When adding numbers, make sure to insert fractional numbers using “.” as a divider but not a “,” (eg. 0.15)
- A formula is calculated by standard mathematical rules, and if you want to prioritize any operation, use “( )” for it, then it will look in the following way: “= [1st property] * ([2nd property] + [3rd property])”

Thus, the formula will have the following final look:

 = [1st property] * [2nd property]
where property is the column’s name, which you need to calculate this or that property.

The operations which are currently supported by Kreo:
Addition, eg.: = [1st property] + [2nd property]
Subtraction, eg.: = [1st property] - [2nd property]
Multiplication, eg.: = [1st property] * [2nd property]
Division, eg.: = [1st property] / [2nd property]
Exponentiation, eg.: = [1st property] ^ n, where’s n is a degree


Rules to keep in mind!

1. If you change one of the values which is used for calculating the formula, the formula’s value will be recalculated as well.


2. If one of properties you insert in formula doesn’t contain any numerical value, the formula’s value will be ‘invalid’.
You can fix it by inserting the value and/or by calculating the sum of quantities for the group of cells.


3. When you calculate the formula in a standard mode, the formula’s result will be reflected in the Pivot mode. If you change the formula’s value in the Pivot mode, it will also be changed in a standard mode.


4. If you insert formula in a template, it will be calculated once you create a report based on this template. And vice versa, if you calculate a formula in a report, it will be saved in the template while generating a template based on this report.


5. All the cells with the formula's components are highlighted in different colours in your report in order to easily detect them.