How to calculate the sum of quantities in my report

Calculate the sum of quantities both for a particular property of the group of cells and for a whole group of elements.

For a particular property:
Left-click on the cell for the group, then choose the sum icon sum-of-quantities-button, click the button “Enter” and you will get the sum of quantities.
If the sum of quantities cannot be calculated, the cell will be highlighted in red (e.g. there is an empty value in the cells within the group).
If you click on the pen icon pen-icon you can modify the cell value. It will be highlighted in blue when it has been modified.

For a whole group of elements:
Hover over any element in the Report Table and you will see the sum icon sum-of-quantities-button. Left-click on it and you will get the sum of quantities for a whole group of elements.sum-of-cells