How to get started in Kreo Takeoff 3D

Let’s divide your working area in Kreo Takeoff into 3 zones:

  1. Breakdown Table
  2. Report Table
  3. 3D

get-startedThe Breakdown Table allows you to:

  1. Work with a traditional Revit Breakdown structure (Category - Family - ElementType - Quantities) for your model. 
  2. Set up a custom breakdown structure. 
  3. Easily find and move appropriate elements to your report, where you can correct any errors made in the model itself.
  4. Make sure the system has calculated all the measurements correctly. 
  5. Work not only with elements but also with locations. 

In the Report Table you can:

  1. Create your own report with appropriate elements and properties by dragging and dropping relevant elements to the Report Table
  2. Generate default reports, saved by our team for your convenience. 
  3. Work with your report directly in the Report Table and perform different manipulations with elements, their properties, rows, cells, etc. 
  4. Export your final report to Excel retaining all the modifications you’ve made

3D allows you to make sure you’ve got all the necessary elements in your BIM model.