Can I change the list of measurements for an element?

Add Base Extractors for this purpose. Base Extractors calculate geometric characteristics of an object.
Find out what Base Extractor you need in particular here.

Go to the Breakdown Table. Click on the icon icon-kvadr to select any element and right-click on it. You will see the option add-base-extr. Click on it and choose the relevant extractor from the list with description.

N.B! If the element is not selected, the measurements WON'T be calculated!

While the Base Extractor is calculating and adding, you will see two notifications extr-is-calculating and ready-extractor at the very top of the page and the extractor itself in the Breakdown Manager and "Row Groups" tab of the Breakdown Table after having been added.

N.B! When you need to see the recently added extractor in your report, select it in the Breakdown Table and click on the option "Sync elements with Report".