September 2020. Kreo Takeoff

TLDR: SMM7 support⚙️Formulae in your report📈Development Process👩‍🔧2D takeoff concept💥

Below are the most recent Takeoff's updates for the last month as well as a couple of powerful features we're planning to implement shortly. It's definitely worth a read!😍

SMM7 Support

A new classification system is finally supported by Kreo! It will be particularly helpful in the daily activities of #contractors. Create a custom breakdown of your report based on SMM7 as fast as possible together with Kreo. 


Calculate additional quantities directly in your report

Need to get the value of rate, total, reinforcement ratio cost and so on? Do it directly in Kreo by adding simple mathematical operations in your report! All you need to do is to:

1. Open the relevant report or create a new one;
2. Add additional columns for the quantity you're looking for;
3. Insert the formula. 

The operations which are currently supported by Kreo:

  • addition
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division
  • exponentiation

Click here to watch a real use case on how formulae can be useful in your report!

Coming Soon...

At the moment all our attention is focused on the "BIM Model Management" feature. Read below how it can be useful for you. 

BIM Model Management

You will be able to manage an already uploaded and modified model directly in Kreo by adding several more .BIM files or removing some. 

2D Takeoff Development

The Kreo team is always seeking to improve our product according to what the market needs. That's why...

Next month we're launching development of Kreo's 2D takeoff tool, which is going to be implemented into our existing 3D BIM takeoff tool, as soon as it will be ready😍