October 2020. Kreo Takeoff

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TLDR: Kreo's Splitting Mechanism⚙️Real Use Case videos🎬

Take a look at the most recent product updates and the exciting recent news by the Kreo Takeoff team😍

Split a report into groups with custom conditions

Let's imagine, you need to divide elements in a report into groups according to some particular property. For instance, we need to receive 3 groups of walls in our report divided according to their height, i.e. 
- walls less than 3 meters high;
- walls from 3 to 4,5 meters high;
- walls from 4,5 to 6 meters high.
Now Kreo can easily help you to do this in an automated way!

Wonder how to do this?
Read our FAQ with detailed explanations! OR just watch how Kreo can be useful with that on a real example below: 


Real Use Case Videos by Kreo

Always wanted to see a REAL example of how a software can be helpful in your particular case? We will definitely show you!

The Kreo team is going to create "how-to-do" videos, based on real issues of our current customers, which they easily solve in several clicks using Kreo. 

The first one has already been published. Discover how to add missing elements from a BIM Model to your report together with us. It's definitely worth a look!😉


Is there a case you want to see how Kreo's able to solve?
Then just quickly describe it answering back to this email OR use the button below to have a chat with our team member and we will create a video based on solving your particular issue shortly!

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