November 2020. Kreo Takeoff


TLDR: BIM & VDC specialists can make a difference😎Let Kreo help you anytime👩‍🔧Rates & Totals automatically calculated in the BoQ mode📈Multi-copying & pasting in the report✍️

Discover the most marvellous of Takeoff's updates for November in this blog😍 
📌But first...


🔍Are you a BIM / VDC specialist with extensive experience in the field? Let's speak then!😉

Currently we're conducting market research and are actively looking for experienced BIM and VDC specialists to get a clear understanding where the market is standing at the moment especially with regards to 3D vs 2D Takeoff.
Spend 30 minutes of your time on a quick interview with us and get a pleasant reward from Kreo😍
Use the link below to set up a call with a Kreo team member.

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Despite time differences, help from Kreo is always there for you

Pay attention to the "?" button on the top right of the app. There you'll find the access to:

- Brief & informative video guide to introduce you to the product
- Automatic step-by-step guides showing how to perform basic operations in Kreo
- Latest product & team updates



Product Updates


Kreo's BoQ mode is becoming more and more powerful

We're actively working on the Pivot Mode improvement, which helps a user to get a report similar to the Bill of Quantities format. The automatic calculation of the rate & total values have been added to it this month. 
As soon as you insert the rate value, the system will automatically generate the total value.


Multi-copying & pasting of quantities in the report

Insert the relevant value in your report once and copy it to all the rest of the cells with the help of basic button combinations
"Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V". 

⬇️See these two exciting new features in action in the video below⬇️

HubSpot Video