Kreo Takeoff 2.37: Release Notes

Index_October_2020-1TLDR: Rates & totals added to the Pivot Mode📈 Copying & Pasting in the Report Table✔️ Improved work with big  models💪 Quick synchronization of custom filters with the template⚙️Tracking Kreo's news right in the app💌 "How-to-do" tours by Kreo team💝

Check the most recent product updates and improvements done by the Kreo Takeoff team😍

Get the rates & totals automatically calculated in your report for the relevant elements within your model 

The rate & total cells have been added to the Pivot Mode, which is Kreo's report similar to BoQ format. Now there are 4 values, i.e. quantity, unit, rate and total, shown by default in the Pivot Mode. As soon as you insert the rate value for a particular cell, the total value will be automatically calculated by the system. 


Copy & paste formulae in your report easily 

We've added the known-to-everyone simple button combinations "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl+V" for convenient and quick copying and pasting appropriate values within your report. 

Improved processing of big model data in a report

Now Kreo is able to deal with data in big models in a report much faster than ever before.
You should definitely try it on your own large model!

Quick synchronization of custom filters with the "Templates" tab

As soon as you click on the appropriate filter in the "Filters" tab, it will be selected in the template as well (make sure the filter has been dragged & dropped to the template previously!) 
When selecting one filter, the "Filter Editor" tab also opens for your convenience. When selecting several filters simultaneously, the "Filter Editor" tab won't open.


Track Kreo updates & help resources right in the app!

Open the program itself and click on the "?" button on the top right to:

- Study the video on how to start working on getting a high-quality takeoff report in Kreo selecting "Video Guide" option  
- Check the latest product & team updates choosing "What's New" option 
- Discover Kreo at your own pace with Kreo's help, using "Demo Tours" option


Let Kreo show you how to create a demo project

Within this release we've started to establish an automated way of helping our users to understand the platform's logic as spotlessly as our team members can! For this purpose we're developing "how-to-do" tours with detailed explanations following which you can easily carry out any option necessary. We're ready to introduce you to the first one, which will help a user to create a demo project. 
The tour automatically opens as soon as you visit the platform after this update or sign-up.
You can also switch on the tour by clicking on the "?" button at the right top of any page in the app and selecting "Demo Tours" option. 


Excited to see these and other Kreo's updates? Use the link below to select a suitable time for a call with our team member then!

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